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Developer: Tap Dance Made Easy
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*** Introducing Tap App, a new application developed by the team behind the top-rated DVD & PodCast series, Tap Dance Made Easy. ***

Tap App features the foundations of tap dance in an easy-to-use application. Featuring step-by-step instructional pictures, clear videos, and important hints about some of the most well-known tap dance steps out there – all in the palm of your hand.

Whats Included: This initial release includes 12 foundation steps and the ability to add-on 2 expansion packs of 11 steps each, for a total of 34 "Tap Essentials". Learn the foundations of tap dance in a visually stimulating interface, with an emphasis on proper technique, body placement, and rhythm. Well soon be adding additional expansion packs that feature more fun categories such as Time Steps, Speed Steps, and additional Tap Essentials.

How the steps are presented: Each step is featured 3 different ways: (1) step-by-step images, (2) video demonstrations, and (3) text definitions/hints. Every student learns differently, so we put control of the learning process into your hands.

No tap shoes required: You can practice tap without tap shoes almost anywhere- while waiting for the bus/train, in line at a grocery store, or in an elevator--all while wearing street shoes!

Image features:
o 200+ professional images of the instructor demonstrating how to execute each sound step-by-step
o vibrant color starbursts to indicate tap sounds & accents
o step-by-step hints accompany each image

Video features:
o short video clips of each step, shot from 2 different angles: (1) from the back (as if in a class) and (2) from the side (close up of instructor’s tap shoes)
o repeated demonstrations of each step. Every step is repeated 4 times so that you can hear it in context within a musical measure
o audible and visual musical counts. Each step is counted aloud and the musical counts are displayed on-screen to help you learn the rhythm quickly

Text Definitions:
o clearly-worded text definitions of each step
o written display of the proper musical counts for each step
o helpful hints from the instructor highlighting the most important things to keep in mind when learning each step

Do you take live tap classes? Great!--But, the average dance class occurs once a week for an hour. What about the rest of the time when you want to be practicing? Let Tap App be your reference for the foundations of tap dance in between classes and youll find yourself improving dramatically faster than with classes alone.

Difficulty Level: The instruction begins from the ground-up--no previous experience is necessary! Do you already have some experience with tap dance? Tap App can help you learn hints & techniques to improve your technique, pick-up steps quicker, and produce cleaner & faster sounds. Our customer base is age 9-90---Tap App is great for all ages.

Initial purchase:
Tap Essentials 1 ($1.99) includes App Framework and the following 12 steps: Step, Touch, Ball Change, Heel Drop, Toe Tap, Shuffle, Stamp, Stomp, Flap, Slap, Paddle, Cramp Roll (Basic)

Expansion packs:
Tap Essentials 2 ($0.99) includes the following 11 steps: Hop, Leap, Scuffle, Fred, Waltz Clog (Basic), Waltz Clog (w/Flap), Buffalo (w/Leap), Buffalo (w/Flap), Drawback, Maxi-Ford, Cramp Roll (w/Flap),

Tap Essentials 3 ($0.99) includes the following 11 steps: Riffle, Flam, Chug, Heel Click, Military, Cincinnati, Rhythm Roll, Essence (Basic), Essence (w/Flap), Pullback (Basic), Pullback (Split)
(more expansion packs to come)

Tap App Was Created For Anyone Who:
• has always been interested in learning about tap dance, but has been too shy, too busy, or has not had an opportunity to sign up for a live class.
• is looking to get a great workout while having fun at the same time!
• can benefit from a pocket reference of the foundations of tap dance.
• has ever thought: “I can’t dance”

Tap that App!